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People v. Boscano

Dec. 15, 2020

People v. Boscano, Bronx County.

Mr. Boscano was charged with attempted murder and 7 other charges for supposedly shooting at a woman he had a dispute with. After a two and a half week trial he was found not guilty of all charges.

I was able to show that the People's chief witness, the woman who was supposedly shot at by Mr. Boscano, was a complete liar. After taking an oath to tell the truth she lied to the grand jury about her husband's lack of involvement. Video showed that her husband was approaching Mr. Boscano's parked SUV with a machete. She lied at trial about her actions after the shooting, in which she said that she and her family were driving to City Island, when in fact they were driving past Mr. Boscano's apartment. No bullet was found by the police at the scene, nor was a handgun. The jury was smiling at me during my summation. A very nice win.