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I founded The Law Firm of Mitchell E Ignatoff because I have a passion for the study and practice of the law and a deep-rooted belief that when a good advocate fights hard the system dispenses justice. This practice is dedicated to defending those wrongly accused of a crime, protecting their freedom, and securing their acquittal. For those who have unfortunately made a mistake, we are here to secure a second chance. For immigrants, this may mean reducing a charge that is an aggravated felony under the immigration laws to something that is not. A mistake should not result in deportation, not destroy your life, deprive you of your freedom and rob you of your future. And if the mistake was in your past we can bring post-conviction relief actions (habeas corpus) to try and overturn these convictions. Our firm is committed to minimizing the punishment for wrongdoing under the law.

Knowledge is power, expertise is a weapon, and experience forges the two together into a legal armor that that effectively defends client’s rights and freedoms. I believe in relentlessly honing one’s legal knowledge and trial skills through pursuing constant education and training to keep me at the top of the game. This is why I pursued and received an LLM from Temple University, a program with a renowned reputation for the highest level of trial advocacy education. I received my certification as Criminal Trial Attorney by The Supreme Court of New Jersey thereby becoming part of an elite group of approximately 256 who are certified criminal trial attorneys. I constantly attend continuing education courses and seminars to keep my skills sharp; like a professional athlete, you must stay at your peak to secure the best results.

This firm has been successfully defending clients accused of criminal charges since 1986.

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